Heavenly Treats By Techie Cruz



I got your contact info from Milred, she works with me at MDA. She brought your Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes to a work function and I was really impressed. They were only mildly sweet, which I love, and topped with beautifully rich cream cheese icing. I brought home a sample to my fiance and he loved them as well. Can we talk about adding them to our dessert offering at our wedding?     Nicole D.- April 2014

Your Ube Macapuno Cake is sooo good! I loved it and the boys raved about it. It was moist, flavourful and the macapuno was generously spread on all of the layers. It was beautifully decorated too. Until the next one....and I think I will try with the buttercream frosting. Your cake definitely made mine special. Thanks again!
Wena P. 

Once again thanks for making such delicious cakes , all of us really enjoyed and giving two thumbs up!!
Paul C.  

Your Mango sans Rival is really good! My co- workers like it too. The taste, the texture of the merengue,cream and super loaded of mangoes. Kaya sabi ko sa kanila next time mag order sila. Lol! And I brought a slice for my daughter she loves it very much. Honestly my daughter she seldom likes to eat any cake or sweets but with that she asked for more. That's why I have to order next time. Good job!
Joanne N. 

OMG, your gooey butter cake was a hit at my household! I must say its better thatn the CPK butter cake! I will tell everyone.
​Oyette P. 

Everyone enjoyed the cake especially having a cup of coffee to goes with it. By the way that was the san rival i was talking about. And the butter cakes was for my choir at church,it disappeared in few minutes too! Once again thanks for making such delicous cakes for us to be enjoyed.
Paul C.  

Been looking for an alternative to Goldilock's Sans Rival as the last one we had which we bought on display at one of the Filipino restaurants in Surrey BC was a disappointment. Not sure how it has been on display. Anyway, via Google, we finally found the one true sans Rival, home made to perfection from Heavenly Treats. Thanks Techie!  
Romy Castillo

Needless to say Theresa, the Guinness Chocolate Cake and the Sans Rival were unequivocally and scrumptious...leaving everyone wanting for more! Thank you very much!
Ken and Jen 

BTW, We had Sans Rival at Dulcinea in Manila and the verdict is unanimous – mas masarap yung Sans Rival mo
J---- Lynne

My Husband loves your Sans Rival! We will order again on the 28th of Dec for sure! -- Rose

The Ube Brazo de Mercedes was so yummy!

Thanks for keeping my tummy happy with your good baking! Nathan requested for your Guinness dark Chocolate Cake for his Birthday, it’s his favorite! – yummy! ---Maylene

Your Sans Rival was indeed a Heavenly Treat! My family couldn’t stop raving about how good it is. Until the nest one, two and many more. Thanks again Techie for being so kind to make both cakes on the same day. Sure save me from making a back to back trip to Richmond. ---- Wena

My in-laws tried your Sans Rival and they loved it too! I’m just telling the truth! My Mom-in-Law told me I better Order 2 more for Christmas. 1 is not enough. I can’t stop eating it! Superb! ---- Rona

OMG the Sans Rival is sooooo good! I’m glad I ordered it! --- Au

Sarapng Sans Rival mo. I love that it is just the right sweetness that I had 2 slices in one sitting! Your Sans Rival has just the right amount of buttercream and sweetness. Sarap ng crunch and lots of cashews. I ate a total of 4 slices LOL! (I got 2 more during the movie) and did not feel guilty about it. --- Emelyn

I agree with Ems ; It had just the right amount of sweetness And the buttercream was light enough that they complement Each otherand wasn’t overwhelming to the palate. I especially Like the cashew dacquoise layer – it had the right texture/”Kunat”Soooo good!! --- Lissel

Sorry, I can’t comment yet, I need another slice! LOL! It’s yummy! I like the cashew dacquoise layer and because it has the right sweetness, you are craving for more!  -- Elena

The Guinness Beer Chocolate Cake was very good! We enjoyed It very much! --- Cecille

My compliments to you again, your Sans Rival is very good! Sweetness is just right and so with the meringue and buttercream ratio -- Cecille

Sarap ng Sans Rival, everyone loved it! --- Arlene